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Having breakdown cover in place can save you time, hassle and money, but you want to get a good deal as well. There are different breakdown cover types, along with the option to cover either a driver or a vehicle, so it’s worth getting some help and shopping around before you make your choice.

We help you to compare breakdown cover deals by providing honest, accurate and impartial information about breakdown cover providers and their respective levels of cover. Choose anywhere from basic to fully comp, and select European cover if you’re going abroad. We make it easy for you to build your ideal package, and then get set up directly with your chosen provider.

  • Compare UK breakdown cover deals and find your ideal type of cover
  • Select a level of cover, from basic roadside assistance to fully comp with extras
  • Choose between vehicle, personal, joint and family cover policies at great prices
  • Take out European breakdown cover to get essential roadside cover on the Continent
  • Use our detailed FAQs and guides to get additional information about breakdown cover

Types of cover

Your type of breakdown cover will depend on whether you want it to apply to a driver or a vehicle.

Tailor your cover

Roadside Assistance

The basic level of cover from any UK provider would usually be standard roadside assistance. With this you’ll get a breakdown recovery specialist sent to your location, as long as you haven’t broken down outside your home, and you are in the UK.

The cover should be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in the event of a roadside fix not proving possible, you would get a tow to a local garage. As the callout is part of the basic package, you would not be charged any extra.


National Recovery

This popular level of cover extends the roadside assistance so that it includes long distance recovery. Wherever you break down in the UK, aside from outside your home, a recovery specialist will come to you and attempt a roadside fix.

If they cannot fix your vehicle then a tow to any location in the UK will be offered, so you and all your passengers can get back home, or you can get taken to a particular garage you know and prefer to use.


Home Start

Home Start will ensure that a specialist from your breakdown cover provider will come to you if you break down outside your home. It is rarely included automatically, and would usually be offered as an add-on to national recovery and roadside assistance.

If you don’t have it in place and you break down within a given proximity of your home then the assistance won’t be available, so it’s a useful addition to your cover, and won’t usually add too much to the total breakdown cover policy cost.


Onward Travel

Onward Travel incorporates a selection of useful extras that are geared towards making life easier after a vehicle breakdown. Providers differ, but you could see benefits like a courtesy car, for use while your own car is repaired.

You may also get hotel accommodation costs up to a specified value, giving you somewhere to stay should you be far from home and/or need to stay in that area. Along with this, Onward Travel would often include alternative transport for you and a number of additional passengers.


Parts & Garage

Parts & Garage cover provides financial assistance with the cost of repair after a vehicle breakdown. Items like a starter motor, radiator or alternator are going to cost a lot to replace, but Parts & Garage will cover the cost, usually with a small excess to pay.

You would usually have a limit of claims per year, over a specified maximum number of vehicles. When the cost of potential repairs is taken Into account, having Parts & garage cover included can work out as excellent value for money.


Trusted Providers

We help you to compare UK and European breakdown cover from a range of trusted providers, and make it easy for you to get a quick quote.

Suggested packages

We are always checking the latest breakdown cover deals from UK providers, and we review what’s on offer as part of our suggested packages. We’ll assess value for money, alongside the features and overall quality, so you can easily find something ideal.


Price from: £29.99

The RAC will fix your vehicle at the roadside, providing you're over mile away from home. In the unlikely event they can't fix your vehicle, RAC will tow you to an approved garage within 10 miles.

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Package Info

  • What's included: Roadside Assistance
  • Cover type: Vehicle Cover
  • Online discount: £29.99 - Web Exclusive Price

Roadside, National Recovery, Homestart + Onward Travel

Price from: £121.99

This RAC cover includes assistance if your car won't start at home, roadside assistance and repair referral, nationwide recovery & onward travel

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Package Info

  • What's included: Roadside Assistance, National Recovery, Home Start, Onward Travel
  • Cover type: Vehicle Cover
  • Online discount: FREE Onward Travel & Big Summer Price Drop. Available on Roadside & Recovery & above. T&C’s apply.

European Breakdown Cover

Price from: £6.00

Single trip and annual European Breakdown Cover to keep you on the road in 48 European countries.

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Package Info

  • What's included: Roadside Assistance, National Recovery, European Cover, Recovery Back to the UK, Emergency Accommodation, English Speaking Helpline
  • Cover type: Personal Cover

European Breakdown

How does it work?

European breakdown cover is designed to give you essential peace of mind when you drive to the Continent. Your UK breakdown cover won’t extend to other European countries, so you would need to call a local garage if you don’t have something in place should you need roadside assistance.

With European cover, you could make call and then get the help you need, with a roadside fix attempted and other options also available.

There are some excellent, comprehensive European breakdown cover policies available, with the option of single- or multi-trip, and a range of inclusive features. Each policy will differ, so it’s best to compare and see exactly what’s included before you make your choice.

Key Features

  • The option of single- and multi-trip European cover, so you can choose a policy that suits your exact needs
  • Roadside assistance, with a fix attempted at your location so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible
  • Alternative arrangements, so if the vehicle cannot be fixed you will have options like accommodation costs or a hire car

Build a package

What type of cover would you like?

UK Cover

UK Cover

UK cover gives you essential roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown anywhere in the UK.

European Cover

European Cover

European breakdown protects your car in the event of a breakdown on the continent.

UK Cover & European Cover

UK & European Cover

UK & European cover protects you in the event of a breakdown whilst traveling in the UK or Europe.


What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover ensures that you can get help if your car breaks down while you’re driving. Customers pay a fee to get covered and contact the service if they break down.

Do I need personal or vehicle cover?

This depends on who’s driving your car. If you get personal cover, you’ll be covered in any car you drive. If you get vehicle cover, anyone driving that specific car can be covered. If you have multiple people driving one car, vehicle cover is the best choice, for example.

What is the estimated call-out time?

This varies between providers, but its usually between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on where you are.

Do I pay monthly or annually for breakdown cover?

This varies depending on the service you choose. Most allow you to pay monthly or upfront, with some insisting on an upfront annual payment.

What are the different types of cover?

Users can choose from Basic, Fully Comp and European. Fully Comp means you have cover from anywhere in the country, including your home, with Basic only covering you a certain distance away from where you live.

Do I need European breakdown cover?

If you’re taking your own car abroad, European cover is highly recommended, as you’ll be able to get the same cover you would if you were in the UK.

What if the breakdown cover provider damages my car?

If damage occurs to your car and is the fault of the engineer sent out to help you, your provider will cover you for this.

Can I switch provider?

Switching providers is simple as long as you’re not on a contract. If you’re paying monthly, you can switch whenever you want. Many providers also offer loyalty benefits for long standing customers.

What is fully comp?

Fully Comp essentially covers your car anywhere in the UK. This means you’ll be covered even if you’re at home or hundreds of miles away. You’ll also enjoy benefits such as cover for accommodation.

Can I pay for a policy in someone else’s name?

Your cover starts either the day after you’ve arranged it or on a day you specify when buying.

How quickly does my cover start?

If you’re taking your own car abroad, European cover is highly recommended, as you’ll be able to get the same cover you would if you were in the UK.

Am I covered after an accident?

Yes, you’re covered after an accident, but you’ll have to pay for any repairs yourself, which should be covered by your insurance.

What should I do if I break down on a motorway?

If you breakdown on a motorway, you need to remember that safety is a number one priority. To find out how to be safest on the roads, follow our guide on what to do when you breakdown.

Am I covered outside my home?

Only if your package includes home-start. Some basic packages do not include this, so you’ll have to add it as a feature.